Join as a Social Member

Join Poynton Sports Club as a Social Member today for just £10 per year and receive a 10% discount off  the price of all alcoholic drinks at the bar!

Just speak to one of the staff behind the bar, fill in a quick form and you’re membership card will be ready to take there and then!

As the membership cards can only be distributed to adults (18+), please bring photo ID to avoid disappointment. Should your card be damaged or lost there will be a £5 charge for each replacement card.

Membership Card Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions, a copy to be signed by each member on issue of the membership card, constitutes the rules and regulations in relation to the usage and responsibilities of each club member to whom the membership card is issued.

  1. The membership card provides a 10% discount on alcohol purchases from the bar.
  2. The membership card must be presented at time of purchase to access the discount. No card: no discount.
  3. The membership card is for use by the club member to whom it is issued and cannot be passed or transferred to any other person(s). Should this happen management reserve the right to refuse use of the card.
  4. Members are permitted to use the card to purchase drinks for themselves, friends and family. However it must be the club member to whom the card is issued who uses the card.
  5. The safety and security of the membership card is the sole responsibility of the club member to whom it is issued. Poynton Sports Club is not liable for any loss or damage to the card. If the membership card is lost or damaged a replacement can be purchased at the bar for £5.
  6. Summer sections’ (cricket, tennis and bowls) membership cards will expire on May 31 each year. Winter sections’ (football, lacrosse and table tennis) cards will expire on October 31 each year. If club membership ends prior to these dates the member’s card will be registered as null and void and any discount prices currently on offer will expire.
  7. It is the responsibility of each section’s membership secretary to provide membership information to the club manager, prior to the expiry dates detailed above, for members who renew their section membership and require their cards to be extended.
  8. The annual renewal of membership cards must be confirmed by your section membership secretary. Should your section membership secretary fail to confirm you have renewed your membership by May 31 or October 31 (as appropriate) your card will automatically expire.
  9. Anyone who wishes, on presentation of a photo ID and who signs these terms and conditions, can join the club as a social member. The fee for social membership shall be applicable at the time of issue.
  10. Social membership cards will expire 12 months from the date of issue and can be renewed at the bar.
  11. Should management believe the card scheme is being abused , they reserve the right to refuse that member’s card usage pending a review by the executive committee.
  12. The membership card scheme is run and managed by iCall4. Membership card scheme details are held securely on a central database by iCall4. The membership details held are for the sole purpose of enabling the membership card scheme. No members’ details or information will be passed to any third party for any other purpose or used in relation to any other scheme.